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Funny snore relief story: how Max-Air Nose Cones stop snoring.

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product. I have developed a horrible snoring problem that has disturbed my and my husband’s sleep for the past year. We live in the country and my husband has accused me of scaring all the “wildlife” away with my snoring and doesn’t even worry about locking the doors at night because he feels if a “burglar” were to walk inside our house my snoring would scare them off as they would assume a “lumberjack” lived there!!! He thinks he’s very funny but I have not appreciated the jokes as I consider myself a “lady”!!!

I feel like I get a much better night’s sleep and my husband absolutely sleeps better as well! Thank you for a wonderful product!!! – Sandy W. CA Jan. 4, 2011

Thanks Sandy! Glad that we stopped your snoring and are helping you both sleep well.