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Max-Air Nose Cones Available throughout Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart Stores

We are very pleased to launch the Max-Air Nose Cones brand through the most prestigious Shoppers Drug Mart stores throughout Canada.

shoppers drug mart

Shoppers Drug Mart
Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and the Atlantic Provinces



NOTE: SHOPPERS stocks the size medium Max-Air Nose Cones.

Should you need a small or large size, you will need to ask the pharmacist to order it for you from McKesson. There is no extra charge to have these sizes ordered. Provide the pharmacist with the McKesson # listed HERE:
Size small Max-Air Nose Cones – McKesson # 038879
Size large Max-Air Nose Cones – McKesson # 038880

Please call us if you need further help.

Be sure to request them next time you are in a Shoppers store.