Max-Air Nose Cones – Stop Snoring and Relieve Nighttime Nasal Airway Obstructions

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2-sets of two – MAX AIR NOSE CONES
Squeezieness-Rating: SOFTEST

Select the Max-Air Nose Cones for milder nasal airway problems that only trouble you during sleep.

(If you have success with the nasal strips but have a problem with the adhesive, this is the recommended selection.)

Newer design, genuine Max-Air Nose Cones. Made with our softest, transparent, medical material for relieving nasal deviated septum, nasal collapse during sleep, blocked nose at night, frequent snoring, and to prevent mild to moderate nasal obstruction issues. | Adhesive-free | Drug-free | Latex-free | 90 Uses (each set 45 days) | Made in the USA | Shipping from the USA | Price is in US Dollars.



Max-Air Nose Cones are better for milder snoring, deviated septum, or just nighttime airway issues.

Max-Air Nose Cones, nasal cones, are made from our softest material, and are recommended for relief of mild to moderate nighttime nasal airway obstructions:

  • nasal stuffiness that is only present during sleep

  • mild deviated septum that only troubles breathing during sleep

  • mild and occasional nasal allergy congestion

  • mild to moderate nasal valve collapse

  • habitual light or occasional snoring

  • nighttime dry mouth

Clinically proven to provide 200% more breathing relief than nasal strips.


Am J Rhinol Allergy. 2011 Jul-Aug;25(4):249-51. doi: 10.2500/ajra.2011.25.3621.
As published on the National Institutes of Health website:

Stenting the nasal airway for maximizing inspiratory airflow: internal Max-Air Nose Cones versus external Breathe Right strip.

Raudenbush B1.



Several nasal dilator devices designed to stent the anterior nasal airway to increase peak nasal inspiratory flow (PNIF) currently exist; however, comparisons of such devices are limited. This study was designed to compare the efficacy of two different nasal dilator devices, an internal device (Max-Air Nose Cones; Sanostec Corp., Beverly Farms, MA) and an external device (Breathe Right nasal strip; GlaxoSmithKline, Brentford, Middlesex, U.K.) on stenting of the anterior nasal airway to maximize PNIF.


Repeated measurements of PNIF were obtained in 30 individuals noting complaints of sleep-disordered breathing due to nasal breathing discomfort and nasal airway obstruction, both with and without the two different nasal dilator devices.


A one-within analysis of variance (ANOVA) was performed among the three conditions (control, Max-Air Nose Cones, and Breathe Right nasal strip), and a statistically significant effect was found (F[2,58] = 298.13; p< 0.00001). Tukey post hoc contrasts revealed that the control condition PNIF (66.07 L/min) was significantly lower than both the Max-Air Nose Cones (138.73 L/min) and the Breathe Right nasal strip (102.17 L/min) conditions. The Max-Air Nose Cone increased inspiratory airflow by 73 L/min, or a 110% improvement over baseline. In addition, the Max-Air Nose Cone condition PNIF was significantly higher than both the control condition and the nasal strip condition.


Although both the Max-Air Nose Cones and the Breathe Right nasal strips increased PNIF from baseline, the Max-Air Nose Cones showed significantly greater efficacy at stenting the anterior nasal airway, providing twice the improvement in PNIF over baseline than did the Breathe Right nasal strips.


Follow our patented sizing guide to determine your most suitable size.

Measure your thumb as shown.

Measure width across your thumb as shown.

  1. Place your thumb on a ruler, fingerprint side down with the left edge of the thumb on the beginning of the ruler or 1 inch mark.
    (In the image shown above, the left side of the thumb is placed flush with the 1 inch mark on the ruler.)
  2. Measure across the widest part of the thumb as indicated by the black arrows above.
    (In the image above, the right side of the thumb measures about 7/8″, or less than one inch.)
  3. Use this gauge to select your size.
    (In the image above, based on a measure of 7/8″ and referencing the chart below, this thumb measures to a medium size.)

If your thumb measures:

3/4″ (.75 of an inch) or less, select the size small.

If your thumb measures more than 3/4″ to 1″ (.75 of an inch to one inch), select the size medium.

If your thumb measures more than 1″ (more than one inch), select the size large.

If you are right on the line between two sizes, we suggest ordering both sizes, trying them and then returning the ones that are not the correct size. Please see our guarantee for details.

PLEASE NOTE: sometimes nasal airways are not the same size and two sizes are necessary. So be sure to try each size in each airway.

MAX-AIR NOSE CONES are made connected to one another.
To achieve just the right fit and comfort, separate them from one another and fit them individually.

Custom Sizing for Deviated Septum and Nasal Airway Collapse

Mixing two different sizes may be needed for deviated septum or nasal valve collapse, if one nasal airway or nostril is smaller or narrower than the other.

If this is your situation, you will find it more suitable to use two different sizes Cones to treat this problem. Simply determine the size that you measure to normally, as indicated above, and then select that size for your larger nostril, and the next smaller size for your other smaller or narrower nostril.

Purchase the two sizes, and use one size in one nostril and the other size in the other nostril. Once again, swivel for your most comfortable fit and best angle to maximize flow volume.

How to Choose Your Most Suitable Squeezieness-Rating: Soft, Softer, or Softest

All of our products are soft, and there should never be any discomfort when using our nasal cones. That said every person has a preference when it involves the softness that their nose likes.

The new SOFT, Max-Air Nose Cones Performance are designed to stay put so that you don’t have to. This product is soft but it is made with our firmest material, so the fit and feel is a little more dynamic to insure a secure fit no matter what level of activity for which you use them.

The original, SOFTER, white Sinus Cones may be best for those nights when nasal allergy, sinus or cold congestion is severe and extra nasal airway support is necessary, when snoring is loud and pervasive, or when nasal obstruction from a collapsed side-wall is present.

The mildest, SOFTEST, clear, Max-Air Nose Cones are preferred, especially for mild deviated septum, in combination with CPAP or oral appliances for mild sleep apnea, to stop snoring and night time dry mouth, or anytime extra help is needed for sleep breathing relief.

If you are undecided, order a selection. Try them out, decide which is more suitable for your situation, and return the other set for a free exchange.

Return Policy / Guarantee

Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones 30-Day, Money-Back, Sweet-Dreams Satisfaction Guarantee

If, after trying the Max-Air Nose Cones or the Sinus Cones, you find that they are not quite suited to you, we offer two 30-day satisfaction guarantees.

1) You may return the packaged Cones within 30 days of the purchase date for a refund of the PURCHASE PRICE (LESS S&H), OR,

2) you may exchange the packaged Cones a single time for another more suitable size or squeezieness.

In order to qualify for the satisfaction guarantee, you must return or exchange the products WITHIN 30 days of the purchase date. For example: if the Cones are purchased on the first day of the month, the return or exchange must be in our facility by the 29th of the month. Please allow for appropriate mail delivery times for the return to reach our facility.


To exchange the product, mail all of the Cones, a copy of your receipt, and a note indicating what size and type Cones are requested for the exchange to to the address listed below. (If you have tried the Cones prior to returning them for an exchange, enclose them in a little baggie.) Retain the storage case; as we will not mail a case with the exchange. If all requirements are met, and we are in receipt within 30 days of the purchase date, we will promptly exchange the returned Cones.

Questions? Give our technical support staff a call at 1-800-797-0361, so that we may assist you in determining the most suitable product exchange.


To return the Max-Air Nose Cones or Sinus Cones for a refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling charges), send all of the Cones, the storage case, a copy of the receipt, and a note indicating that you would like a refund to the address listed below.

If all requirements are met, and we are in receipt within 30 days of the purchase date. Refunds will be processed in the same form as your original payment. For example, if payment was made by credit card, your refund will be processed as a credit to your credit card. If you paid by check, your refund will be processed in the form of a check. Your relief is important to us, which is why we offer the only money-back guarantee in the industry, even if you have tried the product.

We answer any issue promptly and always appreciate hearing about your reason for return.


P.O. BOX 5650

Technical Specs

Max-Air Nose Cones
2-sets for a total of four individual Max-Air Nose Cones per package
Reusable – 90 Peaceful Nights (each Max-Air Nose Cones is reusable for 45 days)
Easy to Clean
Made in the USA
Drug-free, and safe for use with all nasal spray medications
Safe for up to 5 days of continual (day and night) use
Safe for use inside CPAP or with Oral Appliances for sleep apnea treatment
Safe for use with oxygen
Latex-Free, Hypoallergenic, BPA-free, acrylic-free, silicone-free, Adhesive-free
Premium, certified medical grade material
Clinically proven to provide 200% more breathing capacity than nasal strips.

Wash hands thoroughly prior to handling your MAX-AIR NOSE CONES.
Rinse Max-Air Nose Cones before each use in 3% hydrogen peroxide and then rinse in hot tap water.
Shake, or wipe dry with a lint-free cloth prior to use.

CAUTION: DO NOT use soap to clean the MAX-AIR NOSE CONES.


359 reviews for Max-Air Nose Cones – Stop Snoring and Relieve Nighttime Nasal Airway Obstructions

Based on 359 reviews
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  1. I was recently introduced to your product by one of my surgeons. I had sinus and skull cancer, and could no longer breathe through my nose. The dry-mouth was horrible, especially when sleeping. The nose cones have been a wonder. I still have issues, but I can occasionally sleep the whole night with my mouth closed. I can’t tell you how wonderful this is after 5 years of sinus block.

    My only drawback is I like your product so much, I frequently forget to remove them in public. They look a little weird. This is a minor detail, and the benefit is worth it.

    Thank you again for helping me breathe.

    Devon K

  2. I use Max-Air Nose Cones for a deviated Nasal Septum. I insert one of the Cones in the affected nostril at night, which helps to open the airway, and this has significantly improved my sleep.
    The Max-Air Nose Cone is comfortable and reliably stays in place. I would recommend.

  3. Excellent product. Works as advertised.

  4. Amazing diffrence

  5. Excellent product. Have used these for years.

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