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UNBELIEVABLE design! I have a daughter on the autism spectrum with sensory issues and a pretty bad deviated septum. Nothing has ever worked to relieve her (BreatheRight, etc.). She is terrified of surgery. She put in the Max-Air Nose Cones and smiled. Works wonderfully for her. I have been in sleep/respiratory my entire career. I know a winner when I see it. Kudos to you, and she says thank you! Jon W.


I have been using the Nose Cones for over 10 years. They have helped my nose breathing significantly at night. No more mouth inhale/ exhale for me. I simply wear them at night, without any discomfort, and my nose breathing is helped many fold. Know they assist my health by breathing thru the nose, and allows me a much more restful sleep. My deviated septum problem is without a doubt minimized. Also, the staff at the company are polite, PROFESSIONAL, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Roger K. MI

The Sinus Cones are amazing. Life-changing! Virginia C. MA

The Sinus Cones are improving air-flow and are comfortable. They are a bit firmer than the Max-Air Nose Cones sets I have used, and the external tabs hold them in place better. David T., Hudson, Ohio

These Sinus Cones are amazing, which is why I am ordering again so soon. It took me a night to get used to wearing them. By the second night they were fine and my snoring stopped entirely. As a matter of fact, my wife told me that she had to reach over to see if I was in bed because I was so quiet. She has been nudging me every night about my snoring for 46 years! I’m ordering two packages of the Max-Air Nose Cones for my sons because my daughter-in-laws told me, “We need the snoring to stop too! – Charles L., Maine

Voted the best customers; our customers write poems about our products.

Our only son, so much appreciated, So sorry bout that septum deviated
Your old man’s got one, yup, his fault, Sought his relief by snorting salt
Then an idea pierced his noggin, Stretch those nostrils stop breath sloggin
But do it from the inside out, No discomfort to the snout
He tried tubes, yes six dimensions, But still endured some nostril tensions
Then Brian researched on the I-phone, Said, Granddad, try commercial Nose Cones
Now, he’s breathing like a champ, No longer leaves his pillow damp
So now we make this gift to you, We hope they fit you like your shoes
Shove one gently up each nostril, Breath at night won’t seem so hostile
If it’s too big and hurts your nose hole, We’ll downsize it, keep your breath goal
Nose Cones come large, medium and small, Who ever claimed one size fits all
But try these out, give them a shove, We give this gift with all our love. – Eric C. and David C. Pittsboro NC

I love this product. I save so much on cold meds and never miss work. I can finally sleep. – Jeremy P., MT


Your Nose Cones are the best! I couldn’t sleep without them. – Melinda D., CA

The nose cones have arrived today. They are very good indeed! Comfortable to wear and I can feel so much air passing through my nose. What a relief to be able to breathe more effectively and comfortably. Delighted with the nose cones! – Alice A., New Zealand

Many thanks! If you ever need a spokesperson for the Sinus Cones so others can contact you can count me in as these things are wonderful! – Michael P. RN, MA, Major USAF Retired, FL

Hi, I received your Large White Sinus Cones a few days ago and have used them for two nights. I have had sinus problems ever since I can remember. Really bad post nasal drip and whatnot. I have had surgery to fix a “deviated septum” and surgery for collapsed cartilage on the right side of my nose. Both of these surgeries did not fix my drainage problem. I have tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING. About a week ago, I stumbled across your site and ordered a pair of your Sinus Cones. For the first time in many years, I have woken up 2 mornings in a row without any mucus in my throat! The mucus that I would wake up with before would smell, and it was embarrassing to sleep with girlfriends and have them wake up smelling my bad breath. The last two mornings, my mouth felt FRESH and normal. I am a 30 year old man, and I almost started crying when I realized my condition had improved almost 100%! I want to thank you for your awesome, yet so simple product. They are perfect! – Brad W.

The Sinus Cones were recommended from a friend who just ordered and received hers. She said they really work. I’ve had sinus and allergy problems for years. I’m looking forward to getting mine and getting good night’s sleep. – Janice M., TN

I have used these Nose Cones for a few years now. They are second to none, excellent value and very effective. – Barbara B., UK

They work great. Thank you. – Lynn A.

I have been on a CPAP machine since before Christmas. I have a deviated septum, so I have been having a lot of trouble getting used to the damn thing. I got some of your Max-Air Nose Cones last week, and I can honestly state that those little buggers are the best thing to come along since sliced bread. – R. L. Parker

My nose-cones arrived yesterday, and I would like to let you know that you have an AMAZING product. I was able to sleep soundly, for the first time EVER. I have suffered with a deviated septum since birth and, sadly, have spent my 30 yrs. constantly waking in the night, due to restricted breathing / reduced oxygen…not anymore! I cannot thank you enough for my Max-Air Nose Cones!!!! – Brandy J.

Please put your product on Amazon so it is available to the general public (not just the knock-offs) 🙂 I LOVE the Nose Cones, I can breathe for the first time in years. I am in great shape and weight but my nose has collapsed which affected by ability to breathe and apparently was lowering my oxygen level at night giving me morning headaches, heart palpitations, dizziness and afternoon fatigue. Because I am healthy no one could figure it out for almost two years and when they did the doctor gave me the Nose Cones and I could breathe again! – Darma One

The product works superbly. I sleep better than I have in years when I wear the Nose Cones (and my wife is relieved that it reduces my snoring). – John D., CA

I live in Sydney Australia, and during the last year have undergone two operations to increase the size of my nasal airways to enable a better air flow. This necessitated the reduction of turbinates and to correct a deviated septum.

I also suffer from periodic sinus inflammations causing restrictions to my nasal passages, and a thinning of the nose outside walls (as we get older) which tend to ‘cave in’ as a breath is taken, thus again restricting airflow. This whole scenario activated another problem whereby my sinus’s were not being aerated correctly, thus allowing mucus to run down my throat onto my chest at night causing inflammation to the lungs (and congestion) which required antibiotics to clear it up. And so the cycle would start over again.

Although I see the surgery which I have undergone as being a great success, there were still times when my sinusitis is acute, and I looked forward to some additional help with breathing through my nose. My surgeon said he had done all he could with surgery to my nose and during conversations did mention Nose Cones.

I searched on the internet and found your Nose and Sinus Cones.

I ordered some Nose Cones and Sinus Cones, and initially inserted the softer Nose Cones for use during my first night and day – these proved to be sensational! From the moment I put them in, my breathing was no longer restricted and I felt so much better. My first night was a great success, and I wore them the next day while cutting the grass, again being able to breathe much better.

Currently I will continue with use of the Nose Cones (day and night), leaving the Sinus Cones as a stronger backup. Thank you for a great product. – Alan W., Australia

I am really grateful for these Nose Cones. I have had chronic fatigue syndrome and sleep apnea for 15 years but the doctors couldn’t get to the bottom of it. I found these Nose Cones online about three months ago, and they are all that they promised. Thank you! – Billie S., IN

I’m 308 lbs. so don’t take my sleep problems lightly, no pun intended. I’m telling you these things work fantastic. I can’t tolerate the CPAP, and since I started using the Sinus Cones I am sleeping fine. I use the large size Sinus Cones and I’m perfectly satisfied with them. My sleep apnea problems are solved. Thanks! – Skip C., MA

Thank you! You have a great product, it greatly improves the quality of my sleep. – Nissim M., NJ

These things work!!! – Dick K., IA

I bought this product for my husband. They have been a big help; they are incredible really. – Adrienne W., AZ

This is an excellent product – it has proven to be the most effective answer for my night breathing problem. – Frank W., ME

Great product. It has really helped! Thank you! – Debora V., PA

Excellent. Great product, good service. – Stephanie W., Canada

I have had two surgeries on my nose with no relief. The nose cones worked very well. – Robert M., Oregon

My doctor suggested I use your Sinus Cones, and I love them. – Cheri B., MO

Second order of Nose Cones. It helps! – Sergio G., Brazil

I would like to order another pair of the Sinus Cones. I think that they are just great. Best night’s sleep that I have had in months. Thank you. – Louis W., GA

I can’t thank you enough for my good night’s sleep. – Joan T. FL

Your nose cones have been exceptional! – Beverly R., CA

I just wanted to pass along a note I wrote to the NY Times today as a comment to their article on snoring.

I totally disagree with nasal strips, as a cheap & easy solution – they don’t stay on all night, and they irritate your skin, so you can’t wear them often anyway!

It took 2 nasal/sinus surgeries to find out about NOSE CONES – Dr. recommended. The best ones I’ve found are Max-Air Nose Cones by Sanostec – soft & clear, in 3 different sizes. Plus, they don’t look as silly as nasal strips.

My issue was that I was a “mouth breather” due to a deviated septum & a pinched nose. My surgeries helped me breath better, but not well enough to sleep at high altitude, nor breathe deeply when exercising. I still had to breathe through my mouth. Discovering nose cones changed my life, and I don’t know why they are not more well-known? – Abbe E., MI

I was an Afrin addict for 10 years. My doctor told me that I would need sinus surgery if I didn’t stop. Thanks to using the breathe well Sinus Cones, I am completely free of Afrin use.– Erin M., CA

I forgot my cones in a hotel overseas. I really need my new order ASAP. This is the only product that has helped me, great product. Thanks! – Sol A., CA

I was so happy to learn of this product. My doctor at Cleveland Clinic in Florida recommended it. – Jean B., FL

I am a 100% disabled veteran with back and leg injuries so I have to sleep on my right side with a special pillow to support me or I have terrible pain. Until I started using the Cones, I was having difficulty breathing through my nose, because I also have a deviated septum that I have had repaired twice, without complete success. The Cones have made a tremendous difference. Sleeping isn’t an issue anymore. I can breathe more easily and sleep comfortably so no back pain in the morning. – Will B., SC

I ordered from you last year and the Cones are great! Thank you – Peter O., UK

Wish I’d known of these 11 years ago! That is how long my husband and I have been together, and in that time I’ve never heard that man take a silent breath. After one particularly difficult night of him being congested, I did some Web research and ran across the Cones; I could not get them delivered to our home fast enough.

My husband was reticent to use them at first; I think he had accepted his breathing trouble as his lousy lot in life. After a few nights, he said, “these things are incredible!” The bags under his eyes are melting away, his eyes are brighter, and he has increased energy. I believe it’s because he is being oxygenated in a way he has not experienced in years. Bravo, Sanostec, job very well done!! – Mary B., CA

My wife and I have never slept better. I have been a sufferer of a deviated septum and allergies for years now. Consequently, I snore heavily, which prevents me, and my wife from getting a restful night’s sleep. Your Cones have given me instant relief and allowed me to breathe freely without any discomfort. I have been sleeping more soundly and therefore I have regained a tremendous amount of energy during the day. – Tom B., MA

I have been using the Cones for two years. They are a miracle for me. One side of my nose collapses, which prevents me from breathing when I sleep on my side. The Cones keep the airway open so that I may breathe no matter how I sleep. – Walter S., CA

I have suffered from sleep apnea for many years now & have been using a CPAP machine since 1999. In the past couple of years, I have had to use added oxygen, adhesive strips & nasal spray with CPAP in order to breathe properly through my nose, & I was still having problems breathing through my nose. In April 2008, I was visiting friends and telling the husband, an ENT specialist, about my problem. He had a sample package of your Cones that he was using with his patients that he gave me to try. Since then, I have used your Cones every night under my CPAP mask & I no longer have to use the adhesive strips or the oxygen, as I breathe perfectly well with just the Cones. I’ll be using them exclusively from now on. – Frank, Virginia Beach, VA

My brother turned me on to this product. My problem was dry mouth, which was waking me every night. This is an absolute god send for me. – Eddie B., FL

WOW, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this product! I have suffered from chronic sinusitis for over 20 years. This is the first natural product that has ever worked for me! – Nancy M. MI

Very good product for people with sinus conditions (especially at night) that want relief without use of medications. Have been using the product for a couple years now, has kept me out of the Drs. office for reoccurring sinus infections. – K. King, VA

Excellent – My breathing problems due to a sinus condition are improved using the Sinus Cones. I am very happy with the product and the Sinus Cones Store. – Arlene C.

As advertised almost instant relief. I had stopped up sinus for two weeks using steroid nose spray etc. your cones help me sleep feeling unstopped. Thanks for your efforts. PS, don’t forget try them during the day also. – M. Lee, TX

At 62 I have tried everything to help me with my sinuses. This works great it does what it says. I would recommend this product to anyone thinking of purchasing to do so. They worked for me right away. Thank you. – S. Schneider, CA

This is a great product! Easy to use and it makes breathing so much better! The best product made to make breathing easier. Thanks! – Tammy W.

I am very pleased with the Sinus Cones. It is the first time in a long time I can breathe comfortably at night. – John V.

Finally, able to breathe!! I don’t wake up in the morning all stuffed up. That hasn’t happened in years! – Hannah B.

For the first time in months my husband did not have to go sleep on the couch due to my snoring. Thank you!!! – Delores T., MA

After having two sinus and one soft palate surgical procedures I was still snoring so loud I could be heard in the next room. I have had my Sinus Cones for a couple of weeks now and my snoring is gone or at least some nights very minimal. My wife and I are back to sleeping together again and I just ordered a pair for my father. This is the first product I have found that actually lived up to the claims. Thank you. – Bob R., GA

Outstanding product. Great help breathing at night. – Michael G.

The sinus cones work! I have stopped snoring. Purchasing them was very easy, and I received them within a few days. – Linda S.

I have mild sleep apnea and also sinus problems. The Sinus Cones has opened my nose so I can breathe better. Also I have a deviated septum and the Sinus Cones has open up my nostrils during sleeping and exercising. I recommend this product to anyone that has sleep apnea. This merchant delivers what they said it would do. It is worth the cost. – Sherry W.

In Tibet, where our hotel was located, the altitude was over 12,000 feet. I couldn’t fall asleep because my heart was pounding from lack of oxygen. My problem is septal deviation, you see.I got my Sinus Cones out from my “Dopp” kit and popped them in, and, my God, they gave me enough oxygen for my heart. I was asleep in 5 minutes. I used them the rest of the trip and slept and felt fine, thanks. – John H. MA

I have been using your product for over a year, and have been very satisfied with the result. I have, in the past, had trouble with my breathing during sleep resulting in awakening in a fog, where it sometimes takes up to an hour for me to think clearly. I have also been diagnosed by a sleep clinic with a minor sleep apnea and was placed on a CPAP to sleep. However, since being introduced to your Sinus Cone product over a year ago, I stopped the use of the CPAP and the nose strip. The Sinus Cones have not caused any irritations within my nasal passages. The freedom, fit, and comfort well surpass that of the CPAP. – Ron G. AZ

I have been using the Sinus Cone every day since I received it and it works. So thank you very much…. I have had this problem since I was 18 years old, I was a boxer and got hit on the nose… and I have had this problem ever since. I took me a very long time to find out about the product, but thank God that I now have it and it works…. very well. – Richard Q., CA

Wish I’d known of these 11 years ago! That is how long my Husband and I have been together, and in that time I’ve never heard that man take a silent breath. After one particularly difficult night of him being congested, I did some Web research and ran across Sinus Cones; I could not get them delivered to our home fast enough. My husband was reticent to use them; I think he had accepted his breathing trouble as his lousy lot in life. After a few nights, he said, these things are incredible! The bags under his eyes are melting away, his eyes are brighter, and he has increased energy. I believe it’s because he is being oxygenated in a way he has not experienced in years. Bravo, Nose Cones, job very well done!! – Mary B., CA

To judge by my first night’s use – a complete success. I woke up rested, without the usual fatigue and headache. – Manfred B., MI

Thanks very much. Your Cones are very soft, pliable and stay-put thanks to your ingenious design and fastening system! Keep up the great work! We need you out here in snoreland. – Jim J. FL

The product is wonderful and really works. It was my second order from this merchant. – M. Owen, CA

Good product and an easy solution to nose collapse. – Peter M.

I have already recommended this store to friends. – Larry M.

Excellent experience with this merchant. Good information on the initial contact and very fast shipping. Product is very helpful! – Janet R. MA

I love the Sinus Cones. I use them every night and they are very comfortable and open my nose nicely to make my breathing easy. – Andrew W. UK

VERY pleased with the service and product. Second purchase from this merchant! – Chris J.

This is a re-order of one I did 2 years ago; I am very satisfied with the product. – John H.

Quick service, easy to order and a product that is working for me! Thanks – William S.