About the Sinus Cones Inventor, Ernest Santin

Sinus Cones and new Max-Air Nose Cones Inventor Ernie SantinSANOSTEC’s MISSION is to provide you with drug-free health tools that simplify your life and increase the quality of your health.

History of SINUS CONES Invention:

In 1996, Ernie Santin was troubled by sleep loss (due to dry mouth, mild sleep apnea) and the impact that the resulting fatigue had on his life, and more importantly, his sports pursuits. An active, sports-minded individual his entire life, Ernie started ski racing at the age of 53 and playing golf at the age of 65, (he put in some long hours in his younger years building his business).

Both skiing and golf became passions, with golf taking priority. Ernie started playing golf when he retired at 65, and at the age of 74, Ernie accomplished the unimaginable; he started shooting his age. He then set a goal for himself to try to shoot his age every year for as long as he could play golf. He achieved that goal through his 88th year, when an injury from ski-racing caused him to shoot a 90 in his 89th year.

Not one to give up an iota of activity or performance, when Ernie was troubled by sleep loss, he set out to make an innovative, drug-free, breathing aid to re-route his breathing through his nose instead of his mouth, so that his sleep-disordered breathing and dry mouth would cease to exist. After years of development, Ernie completed his first production parts in 1999, with US FDA certified medical material.

Product trials were undertaken as Ernie found that his friends and associates were also in need of restful sleep and breathing relief. Their results were stimulating. In late 2002, the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office allowed the first of many patents on Ernie’s unique breathing aid, SINUS CONES. In late 2003, Sinus Cones were launched to the consumer market, creating the new standard in drug-free relief for nasal breathing problems during sleep.

Based on feedback from multiple sources of consumer trials, in June of 2008, the new, softer MAX-AIR NOSE CONES were launched, creating a new choice for breathing problems due to recumbency-induced airway obstruction.

Creating new and innovative products was Ernie’s life for over 50 years. An entrepreneur, with a long history of quality craftsmanship, Ernie founded a prototype engineering firm employing 35 craftsmen, Santin Engineering, Inc. in 1955.

Ernie developed prototypes of new product concepts that now are household items; from lighting to computers to mockups of jet engines (this is how he knows a thing or two about airflow), inventiveness and quality craftsmanship is the core of his existence.

Ernie Santin

In a classic vintage photo, Ernie is shown (right) with one of the jet engine prototypes built entirely by Santin Engineering. Here he is being awarded a highly coveted “Zero-Defect” commendation from the Jet Engine Division of General Electric.

When Ernie wanted an effective, yet simple solution for nighttime breathing relief, he chose to design, develop and create it himself so that the solution would meet his strict standards for reliability, performance and comfort. That is the brief history behind the SINUS CONES and MAX-AIR NOSE CONES

Philosophy: In his youth, Ernie came across this famous anonymous quote and it became the credo that he lived by and, we believe, the wellspring of his idea for the Cones.

“I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Knowledge of Ernie’s credo was discovered postmortem when Ernie passed quietly after a brief illness at the age of 92.  Over 200 people attended his burial service; many shared stories of their relationship with Ernie, some of those stories were by individuals who had only met him once years earlier.

The Sanostec team believes that his active spirit lives on through the daily energy achieved through the easier breathing and deeper sleeping that his nasal cones offer “any human being”. Thank you for choosing our Cones.

Breathe Well, and Often.