Max-Air Nose Cones – The Ultimate Breathing Relief for Sleep.

Scientifically tested, Max-Air Nose Cones increase inspiratory airflow by 110% and outperform nasal strips by 200%.

“Outstanding product. Great help breathing at night. – Michael G.

“Best night sleep that I have had in 15 years. Thanks. – Calvin S., TX

Max-Air Nose Cones for snoring and breathing.

Max-Air Nose Cones the best nasal airway relief aids to stop snoring.

Max-Air Nose Cones – Easy, Easy, Easy Stop Snoring, Start Sleeping Relief

New, squeezie-soft n’ clear (our softest Nose Cones) Max-Air Nose Cones are doctor and pharmacist recommended for stress-free and risk-free relief of nighttime breathing troubles such as snoring, nasal airway obstruction due to a deviated septum, or trouble breathing during sleep.

After having two sinus and one soft palate surgical procedures I was still snoring so loud I could be heard in the next room. I have had my Max-air Nose Cones for a couple of weeks now and my snoring is gone or at least some nights very minimal. My wife and I are back to sleeping together again and I just ordered a pair for my father. This is the first product I have found that actually lived up to the claims. Thank you. – Bob R. GA

The ultimate stop snoring solution, Max-Air Nose Cones increase breathing performance by maximizing nasal airflow.

By MAXIMIZING nasal AIRFLOW, breathing is re-routed from the mouth through the nose. Full volume nasal breathing is not only healthier, it also permits you to sleep with your mouth closed, which eliminates mouth breathing, in many cases the cause of snoring. WATCH HOW EASY, EASY, EASY IT IS TO STOP Boring SNORING.


Max-Air Nose Cones are practically INVISIBLE due to the new design and clear, soft medical material. They are highly engineered for superior comfort, fit and every night sleep relief.

RELIEVE nasal breathing problems from a DEVIATED SEPTUM.
Max-Air Nose Cones are squeezie-soft, flexible and lightweight for ultimate breathing relief.

Max-Air Nose Cones are squeezie-soft and flexible for maximum breathing comfort and nasal airway relief.

Made from super-soft material (like a contact lens), Max-Air Nose Cones are latex-free, hypoallergenic, drug-free, and FDA registered.

If you are searching for a simple solution for safe, fast deviated septum and stop snoring relief, you may find Max-Air Nose Cones are an easy solution to try and they are guaranteed.

Max-Air Nose Cones are recommended for:

Because they are our softest product, new Max-Air Nose Cones are recommended for milder airway problems that only present themselves during sleep.

Such as:

  • stopping snoring,
  • relieving breathing problems due to mild deviated septum,
  • alleviating stuffy nose problems during sleep from swollen turbinates
  • managing nasal airway congestion or blockage problems inside CPAP
  • general nasal stuffiness problems that only trouble you during sleep
  • dry-mouth breathing during sleep
  • for severe nasal collapse problems or sinus issues consider trying our firmer Sinus Cones.

Squeezie-soft Max-Air Nose Cones

Squeezie-soft and super comfortable Max-Air Nose Cones.

How to Customize Fit and Comfort of new, Max-Air Nose Cones.

How to trim Max-Air Nose Cones in order to wear them separately

To wear Max-Air Nose Cones separated, simply trim the connecting piece as shown.

The Max-Air Nose Cones are made and packaged connected as shown in this photo. They may be worn connected, or they may be separated and worn individually. To wear individually, simply trim the connecting piece at corners as shown, leaving a little “foot” at the bottom of the Cone to make it easy to hold on to, insert, adjust and retrieve. For the best comfort and fit as nasal airways can vary in size and symmetry, separating the Cones may be necessary.


When only one airway is obstructed, for example with a deviated septum, you may wear just one Max-Air Nose Cone.

Wearing the Max-Air Nose Cones separated.

Max-Air Nose Cones worn separated are practically invisible for discrete wear.

If you only have trouble breathing through one nasal airway, using one Cone may be perfectly adequate to relieve your breathing troubles. This photo shows how simple and practically invisible it can be to solve nasal airway blockages. In other situations, especially with a deviated septum or pathological nasal collapse, both nasal passages need relief but one airway may be a different size than the other. To maximize relief in this instance, simply order two different size Max-Air Nose Cones, trim them apart as demonstrated, and wear one size in one airway and the other size in the other airway. The new Max-Air Nose Cones are unilateral in fit, meaning that there is no left and right; so either Cone may be worn in either nasal passageway.

How does it feel the first time that you use the Max-Air Nose Cones?

The first time that you wear the new Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones you may be surprised at the comfort and amount of breathing relief that you feel. In fact, in a recent clinical study, Max-Air Nose Cones were shown to maximize nasal inspiratory breathing volume; increasing the volume of air that you may inhale through the nose by a whopping 110%. So that you may breathe easily, deeply and fully like never before.

Getting started: how to acclimate your nose to the Max-Air Nose Cones.

To acclimate your nose to using our Cones, we recommend wearing them a few times prior to wearing them to bed. Insert them while watching TV or while you are in the shower. Just like your sunglasses, once your nose is accustomed to the , we suggest that you place the Cones in your nasal airways a couple of times in advance of wearing them to bed. Feel free to swivel them around and adjust the angle to insure maximum airflow. Allow a couple of minutes to adjust to the feel of the soft framework of the nasal cones in your nose. Be sure to inhale fully, deeply and freely while you are adjusting the Cones, so that you can seat and angled them for perfect comfort and fit and amazing airflow volume. (Most users find that wearing the Cones is similar to putting on a pair of sunglasses. You can feel them at first, and then, within minutes, you forget that they are there.)

I am 100% disabled veteran with back and leg injuries so I have to sleep on my right side with a special pillow to support me or I have terrible back pain. Until I started using the Cones, I was having difficulty breathing through my nose, because I also have a deviated septum that I have had repaired twice, without complete success. The Cones have made a tremendous difference. Sleeping isn’t an issue anymore. I can breathe more easily and sleep comfortably so no back pain in the morning. -Will B. SC

Max-Air Nose Cones are super comfortable for “20/20″ breathing volume and everyday use.

New Max-Air Nose Cones are not only soft and comfortable they provide unparalleled breathing volume improvement. Made with specially selected FDA-Certified premium medical material, Max-Air Nose Cones are:

  • latex-free
  • hypoallergenic
  • drug-free
  • adhesive-free

Max-Air Nose Cones may be worn over and over without worry of skin or nose irritation. For maximum breathing relief with soft-comfort nasal care, choose Max-Air Nose Cones.

I am very pleased with the Nose Cones. It is the first time in a long time I can breathe comfortably at night. – John V.

Risk-free Money Back Guarantee

New Max-Air Nose Cones are available in S, M, and L sizes.

Max-AIr Nose Cones are available in S, M. L sizes.
PLEASE NOTE: Each package of Max-Air Nose Cones is packed with two sets of Max-Air Nose Cones, or four Cones in total. (Each set lasts up to six weeks with nightly use, so the package provides a total of three months of relief, which works out to about $0.30 per use.) CAUTION: IF SEPARATED AND WORN INDIVIDUALLY, BE SURE TO LEAVE A LITTLE BIT OF THE CONNECTING PIECE ON THE BOTTOM OF THE CONE LIKE A LITTLE FOOT, SO THAT YOU MAY EASILY INSERT, ADJUST AND RETRIEVE THE CONES.