Max-Air Nose Cones Sinus Cones are soft for maximum breathing and sleeping comfort.

  • Brandy J.Simple breathing relief for noses.

    My Max-Air Nose Cones arrived yesterday, and I would like to let you know that you have an AMAZING product.*

  • John D.Sleep well every night.

    The product works superbly. I sleep better than I have in years when I wear the Max-Air Nose Cones.*

  • Billie S.90 nights of peaceful sleep

    I found these Max-Air Nose Cones online about three months ago, and they are all that they promised. Thank you!!*

  • Ian M.Max-Air Nose Cones all night comfort.

    These are a very good product. They’re comfortable, and I use them a lot. They stay in place well and it feels amazing to be able to breathe well.*

  • David C. Las VegasSleep breathing problems solved.

    Breathing easier at night - I love this product, thanks you guys. *

  • Team Refuel, CABetter breathing, better sleeping.

    My doctor recommended the Max-Air Nose Cones, and it's helped me sleep better and have a clearer mind during the day. My blood pressure has improved also. Thanks for a great product. *

  • Jamie W.Breathing help is a success.

    Thank you, they have helped me!*

  • Diana G.Max-Air Nose Cones to the rescue.

    I just want to say how great I find the Max-Air Nose Cones. I happened upon them while searching the internet for some relief for my problem breathing through my nose at night. They are a godsend. I can finally get a good nights sleep.*

  • Rick C.Max-Air Nose Cones for breathing instead of adhesive nasal strips to avoid the irritation

    I've been using the Nose Cones for the past week in place of nasal strips. The improvement in comfort and ease of use is remarkable. The Nose Cones are comfortable and let me avoid the adhesive allergy issues associated with nasal strips. *

  • Henry M.Happy Sinus Cones user.

    Please exchange the Max-Air Nose Cones for the Sinus Cones. WOW! Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. *

  • Mark SDeviated septum relief works well.

    I bought the medium and large Max-Air Nose Cones to get the right fit and send the other size back. The medium fit is just right, so I am returning the large one for a refund. Thank you and the product is working great!*

  • Angela K.Deviated septum treatment without surgery.

    My 2nd year with the Nose Cones. I have a deviated septum and never sleep without one now. My sport one arrived and now I never train with out one. Awesome product instead of surgery. Thanks*

  • Phil N.Best nasal relief for sleep.

    I am using your Max-Air Nose Cones with great success.*

  • Linda M-HMax-Air Nose Cones are available in Canada at Rexall drug stores

    I did locate the Max-Air Nose Cones product at my local Rexall in Toronto . Works great, thank you! I will recommend your product to family and friends. *

  • Laurie W.Love Max-Air Nose Cones for sleep.

    I LOVE my Nose Cones*

  • Paul E.Soft and powerful Max-Air Nose Cones

    I didn't realize that something so soft, could maximize airflow so readily*

Max-Air Nose Cones | Sinus Cones: squeezie-soft, nasal dilators for superior, sleep-breathing comfort.
Original Sinus Cones Max-Air Nose Cones

Squeezie-soft, Max-Air Nose Cones, nasal cones / nasal devices, maximize nasal breathing volume to gently relieve deviated nasal septum and stop snoring.

Soft, Sinus Cones nasal dilators effectively stent open nasal airways to remedy sinusitis, clear nasal sinus congestion, relieve blocked nose and collapsed nasal airways for deep, peaceful sleep.

Breathe-Well-Sleep-Well-airflow swish Max-Air Nose Cones Sinus Cones

Try our superior nasal cones today…

Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones are precision-engineered, soft nasal dilators. They are ergonomically shaped to support the entire nasal airway and are made with soft medical materials to comfortably and gently maximize nighttime nasal breathing. Nasal breathing is the key to stop snoring and relieve airway issues that disturb sleep.   Why not try our nasal sleep aids, the best in nasal cones, today!

Now you can sleep well every night by breathing well with Max-Air Nose Cones or Sinus Cones.

Our nasal devices are drug-free, adhesive-free, latex-free, and stress-free.

Made in the USA with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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MAX-AIR NOSE CONES® The Ultimate Breathing Relief for the Sleep of your Dreams

MAX-AIR NOSE CONES – Softest medical-grade material for the ultimate blend of squeeziness and gentle airway stenting-action that makes Max-Air Nose Cones a perfect breathing remedy for relief of milder nighttime nasal airway issues.

$ 22.60Select options

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Max-Air Nose Cones® Performance Sports

MAX-AIR NOSE CONES SPORTS PERFORMANCE – Soft medical-grade material with a new fitting system that makes the Sport Performance the perfect choice for maximizing nasal breathing to improve sport performance, exercise endurance and speed recovery. The Sport performance may also be a good choice for sleep if you are an ” active” sleeper.

$ 23.45Select options

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SINUS CONES® Best Home Sinus Remedy

SINUS CONES – Softer, medical-grade material with a little clip that fits on the outside of the nose that makes Sinus Cones a perfect sinus remedy for more problematic or chronic sinusitis and nasal airway congestion or more severe nighttime nasal airway obstruction.

$ 22.60Select options

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MAX-AIR NOSE CONES are proven 200% more effective than nasal strips.1

SINUS CONES are clinically shown to work 10 days faster than decongestants.2,3

In clinical tests, Max-Air Nose Cones are shown to provide 2X MORE inhaling power than nasal strips.1 Just PURE INHALING POWER with no irritating adhesive. Rest easy knowing that you may breathe easier and sleep well starting now.

Nighttime breathing relief doesn’t get any simpler or more powerful than Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones.**

They are soft, but durable, with just the right combination of comfort and stenting power.

Start Breathing and Sleeping Well Every Night…

Tired of not being able to breathe during sleep? Seeking a simple choice in nasal airway relief?

If you are frustrated by your struggle with fatigue due to sleep loss from sinus problems, snoring, a blocked nose or swollen turbinates, Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones may be just the solution that you seek.

Sinus Cones and Max-Air Nose Cones are easy to use any time you need nighttime nasal airway breathing relief. They are Made in the USA with soft medical-grade materials, and are precision engineered for safe, effective relief, and all-night, every-night comfort.

Keep them by your bedside and use as needed. Watch this short video to see how.

Simple snore relief by using Max-Air Nose Cones.

Relieve Deviated Septum

SIMPLE, Nasal Relief Aid.

Max-Air Nose Cones’ super-soft framework clears an open pathway to bypass deviated septum airway restriction for easy breathing, maximum airflow and deep sleep.

Remedy Sinusitis

FAST, 100% Natural Sinus Relief.

Sinus Cones for sinus congestion and sinusitis relief. Ventilate blocked, swollen sinuses to clear sinus congestion fast for safer healing and deep sleep.

Stop Snoring Easily

EASY, Soft-Comfort Snore Aid.

Max-Air Nose Cones for easy stop snoring relief. Quiet noisy mouth-breathing by opening nasal airways to ease and maximize nasal breathing airflow.

Relieve Blocked Nose

SAFE, Gentle Nasal Dilator.

NOW, WOW!! Max-Air Nose Cones for nighttime blocked nose relief are clinically shown to increase breathing volume 110% for 2X more breathing volume than nasal strips.1

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Max-Air Nose Cones® versus Breathe Right® nasal strip published research on National Institutes of Health site


This is a better choice in nasal airway relief than the breathe strips. It’s latex-free, there’s no adhesive and its more effective and comfortable for me.* – Cheryl B., Kokomo IN Wondering how the Max-Air Nose Cones® compare to the Breathe Right® nasal strips? Read the results and the conclusions from a clinical research study…

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