Max-Air Nose Cones stop snoring and relieve deviated septum.

Max-Air Nose Cones are squeezie-soft, lightweight, and flexible for mild to moderate nasal obstruction.

Max-Air Nose Cones®
Squeezie-soft Max-Air Nose Cones nasal cones maximize nasal breathing volume to instantly and gently relieve deviated nasal septum, alleviate dry mouth during sleep and stop snoring.

Sinus Cones remedy chronic sinusitis, prevent sinus infections

Sinus Cones are soft, a little sturdier and compliant for moderate to severe nasal airway obstruction.

Sinus Cones®
Soft Sinus Cones nasal dilators effectively stent open nasal airways to remedy sinusitis, clear nasal sinus congestion, relieve blocked nose and collapsed nasal airways for deep, peaceful sleep.

“I didn’t realize that a nasal device that is so soft could maximize airflow so readily.”

Paul E., MA

“I LOVE my Nose Cones!”

Laurie W.

“My 2nd year with the Nose Cones. I have a deviated septum and never sleep without one now. My sport one arrived and now I never train with out one. Awesome product instead of surgery. Thanks.”

Angela K.

“I am using your Max-Air Nose Cones with great success.”

Phil N.

“I’ve been using the Nose Cones for the past week in place of nasal strips. The improvement in comfort and ease of use is remarkable. The Nose Cones are comfortable and let me avoid the adhesive allergy issues associated with nasal strips.”

Rick C.

Sinus Cones and Max Air Nose Cones are guaranteed

Our nasal devices are drug-free, adhesive-free, and latex-free for safe, comfortable all-night breathing relief.

They are Made in the USA and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Experience the amazing comfort of the best nasal cones for relief of deviated septum, chronic sinusitis, snoring, blocked nose and dry mouth during sleep.

Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones are precision-engineered, soft nasal dilators. They are ergonomically-shaped to support the entire nasal airway with multiple points of contact for extraordinary breathing relief and comfort.

All of our products are made with soft medical materials to comfortably and gently maximize nighttime nasal breathing.

Nasal breathing is the key to stop snoring and relieve mouth-breathing problems that disturb sleep. Try our nasal sleep aids today. Feel for yourself the ease of breathing well through your nose.

Nighttime breathing relief doesn’t get any simpler or more powerful than Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones.**

They are soft, but durable, with just the right combination of comfort and stenting power.

In clinical tests, Max-Air Nose Cones are shown to provide 2X MORE inhaling power than nasal strips.1 Just PURE INHALING POWER with no irritating adhesive. Rest easy knowing that you may breathe easier and sleep well starting now.

Max-Air Nose Cones
are proven
more effective than nasal strips1

Max-Air Nose Cones Sport Performance
are shown to increase
V02 Peak by 8.5%
in college varsity athletes**

Sinus Cones
are clinically shown to work
10 days faster
than decongestants2

Relieve Deviated Septum

SIMPLE, Nasal Relief Aid.

Relieve Deviated Septum

Max-Air Nose Cones’ super-soft framework clears an open pathway to bypass deviated septum airway restriction for easy breathing, maximum airflow and deep sleep.

Remedy Sinusitis

FAST, 100% Natural Sinus Relief.

Remedy Sinusitis

Sinus Cones for sinus congestion and sinusitis relief. Ventilate blocked, swollen sinuses to clear sinus congestion fast for safer healing and deep sleep.

Stop Snoring Easily

EASY, Soft-Comfort Snore Aid.

Stop Snoring Easily

Max-Air Nose Cones for easy stop snoring relief. Quiet noisy mouth-breathing by opening nasal airways to ease and maximize nasal breathing airflow.

Relieve Blocked Nose

SAFE, Gentle Nasal Dilator.

Relieve Blocked Nose

NOW, WOW!! Max-Air Nose Cones for nighttime blocked nose relief are clinically shown to increase breathing volume 110% for 2X more breathing volume than nasal strips.

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