How to size your nose for Max-Air Nose Cones | Sinus Cones

Use this simple Sizing Guide to size Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones

How to Size Your Nose for Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones

Our easy, patented way to determine your most suitable size for your nose**.

At 62 I have tried everything to help me with my sinuses. This works great it does what it says. I would recommend this product to anyone thinking of purchasing to do so. They worked for me right away. Thank you. – S. Schneider CA

It’s easy to determine your size of Max-Air Nose Cones or Sinus Cones.

Your fingers are correlated to the inside size of your nose, and we have developed a patented formula that uses the width of your thumb to gauge the size of your nasal airway and the most suitable size Cone. (No need to put your thumb in your nose. Just use this simple method and let our sizing system do the rest.)Sizing chart reference for sizing max air nose cones and sinus cones
1 – Place your thumb at the beginning edge of a ruler, press down on the ruler and then find the widest measurement mark showing on the ruler.
2 – Measure the entire width of the thumb (including the skin) from the left side to the right side, as shown.
3 – Use our sizing chart as reference to determine what size Cones to order based on the width of your thumb.

**Custom Sizing for Deviated Septum and Nasal Airway Collapse

Mixing two different sizes may be needed for deviated septum or nasal valve collapse, if one nasal airway or nostril is smaller or narrower than the other.

If this is your situation, you will find it more suitable to use two different sizes Cones to treat this problem. Simply determine the size that you measure to normally, as indicated above, and then select that size for your larger nostril, and the next smaller size for your other smaller or narrower nostril.

Purchase the two sizes, and use one size in one nostril and the other size in the other nostril. Once again, swivel for your most comfortable fit and best angle to maximize flow volume.

How to Choose Your Most Comfortable Softness

Every person is slightly different when it involves the softness that they prefer. Generally the softer, clear, Max-Air Nose Cones are preferred, especially for deviated septum, mild sleep apnea, snoring, and night time dry mouth.

The original, white comfort-soft Cones may be best for those nights when nasal allergy, sinus or cold congestion is severe and extra nasal airway support is necessary, or when nasal obstruction from a collapsed side-wall is present.

How to separate the Sinus Cones and Max-Air Nose Cones.

Sinus Cones shown to left and Max-Air Nose Cones shown on right.

If you are undecided, why not order both. Try them out, decide which is more suitable for your situation, and return the other set for a free exchange. Or call us for assistance 1-800-797-0361

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