100% Natural, Stuffy Nose Aid for More-Effective Nasal Congestion Relief

Learn how to clear stuffy nose and relieve nasal congestion better, naturally and instantly.

Surprisingly effective, 100%-natural, drug-free stuffy nose / nasal congestion relief aid. **

If a stuffed up nose is preventing you from getting to sleep and staying asleep, and you are seeking a better alternative than nasal sprays or medication, you’ll want to consider trying the Sinus Cones, nasal dilators.

Fast, safe, 100% drug-free, clinically proven and doctor recommended (with a money-back guarantee) Sinus Cones relieve nasal congestion reliably, by instantly holding open the nasal airway. If you’re tired of your nasal allergies or nasal congestion disturbing sleep, why not try a better solution?**

I love this product so much……living with all the nasal problems that I have suffered through; this product is the difference between a good night and a rough one.*   – Jeremy P., MT

Get over your stuffed up nose from a cold more comfortably, with fast-acting, all natural nasal congestion relief. Life is too short to lose vital sleep to a stuffy cold nose or nasal allergy congestion.**

How the Sinus Cones clear a stuffed up nose may seem unusual until the natural clearing mechanism of the nose / nasal airway is understood.

When you inhale through the nose, the airflow from the inhaled breath clears the naturally occurring mucous by literally moving it through the nasal airway and into the throat and then stomach. (FAST FACT: when your nose is functioning normally, you swallow a quart of mucous every day, as your nose works 24/7 to clean, humidify and clear the air that is inhaled through the nose.)  When the nose is stuffed up or congested from a cold or nasal allergies, inhaling through the nose becomes more and more difficult and the airflow that passes through the nose becomes more and more restricted; until it can no longer move the mucous out of the nose. Once this happens, the nose starts to congest and the more that it congests the more that it restricts breathing and air from being inhaled. This leads to a really troublesome stuffed up nose.

When the nose is stuffed up it needs to be opened in order to clear the stuffy nasal congestion.  To open the nasal airway, Sinus Cones clear a pathway through the congestion by holding the airway open.  It may seem odd to use a nasal airway relief aid inside your nose when it’s stuffy; if you’re serious about relieving the congestion and clearing the stuffiness so that you can breathe and sleep, you may want to experience this amazing relief for yourself.

It is fast-acting, 100% natural, more advanced non-drug choice in maximum nasal congestion relief that is gentle on noses, tough on problematic nasal congestion, side-effect free, and simple in use. Use Sinus Cones anytime you require immediate nasal congestion relief for deep sleep. Feel like new by morning and be well rested to take on the day ahead.

To judge by my first night’s use – a complete success. I woke up rested, without the usual fatigue and headache.*  – Manfred B. MI

Sinus Cones, through gentle pressure, stent open nasal airways and clear a free breathing pathway that eases breathing and rushes healthy healing airflow relief to stuffy, congested airways.

Breathe in more fully and deeply, and feel better instantly, while maximize airflow naturally ventilates and clears nasal congestion faster for a healthy, more comfortable night’s sleep. Plus Sinus Cones’ relief won’t wear off after a few hours. For undisturbed sleep and 24-hour-won’t-wear-off decongestant relief that gets you back on your feet faster, try a radical breakthrough in nasal congestion relief. Breathe more deeply, sleep through the night, and wake feeling like new.

Wear Sinus Cones to keep nasal allergy congestion or cold nasal congestion from turning into a sinus infection.**

The most common cause of a sinus infection is lingering swelling and nasal congestion from the common cold. Whether the nasal congestion is due to the common cold, or nasal allergies, by using your Cones at the first hint of stuffiness, airflow is normalized, which helps keep the sinus cavities healthy and clears lingering nasal congestion properly. Otherwise the nasal congestion that accompanies head-cold or nasal allergy congestion may block the relatively small sinus openings.

If these sinus openings are blocked, normal sinus ventilation and sinus drainage is not possible. When this happens, mucous thickens and congests, triggering the development of the sinus infection. In patients with chronic congestion that progresses to a sinus infection, there may be one or more preexisting conditions that contribute to the problem – a deviated septum, nasal polyps, or nasal allergies. All of these cause narrowing of the nasal passages, and blockage of the sinus openings, which increase the chances of a viral cold progressing to a full-blown sinus infection.

Airplane Flight Travel Nasal Congestion Problems Sinus Cones.

Some people get severe sinus attacks following airplane flights because of underlying problems with nasal drainage. When you fly, you experience changes in air pressure. Pressure changes can cause swelling of the sinus membranes and lead to inflammation and, at times, to infection. If you have a cold, these problems become worse. If you are restricted from using decongestants or sprays, Sinus Cones relieve the stuffiness by opening the nasal passages, so that airflow is unhindered, preventing sinus flare-ups.

As soon as you arrive at your destination, take a steamy shower and wear the Sinus Cones to loosen and clear any congestion caused by the air pressure of plane travel. Then blow your nose frequently to eliminate the congestion. If still stuffy, wear the Sinus Cones while you sleep to keep the airways open to continue to clear the passageways. Be sure to wash the Sinus Cones before insertion, if you need to remove then to blow your nose.

Thanks to Deborah F. Rosin, M.D. for permission to use content from The Sinus Sourcebook. Los Angeles: Lowell House 1998.