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How a simple nasal device stops snoring so you can sleep together again.

Seeking an easy stop snoring solution that works and is comfortable?

Wondering if nasal breathing issues are the cause of your snoring? Here is an easy way to find out. Try this simple, safe, stop snoring nasal device that are physician and pharmacist recommended. See for yourself the ease and comfort of relieving snoring by simply breathing well with your nose.**

“These Nose Cones work so much better than those nasal strips….”

C. Nelson, MA

Did you know that you are 5X more likely to snore or suffer from sleep-disordered breathing when you have any type of nasal obstruction?

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Lanny W., IL

Studies prove that nasal obstruction predisposes both snoring and sleep apnea. These simple, easy-to-use and comfortable, stop snoring nasal aids maximize nasal breathing; this permits full, deep easy breathing through the nose and relieves dependency on mouth-breathing, which can be the source of loud snoring noise.

Contrary to what you might think, breathing through the mouth requires 2.5X more effort than does nasal breathing.

Mouth-breathing during sleep is very common, but it is not natural or healthy. Nasal breathing is healthier, requires less respiratory effort and provides 18% more oxygen to the lungs for each breath than does mouth-breathing. So if you sleep with your mouth open, and snore, you are not breathing well enough for restorative sleep. To stop snoring, you need to start breathing through your nose, so that you may sleep with your mouth closed.

But what if your nose blocks and congests during sleep?

We are glad that you asked! If you can’t breathe through your nose during sleep, you’ll rely on mouth-breathing, which will cause you to snore.

Max-Air Nose Cones are the most effective anti-snore aid to stop snoring with ease and convenience because they maximize nasal breathing. Quiet sleep guaranteed, or your money back.




Feel the ease and freedom of deep sleep without snoring disruptions. By using this soft, nasal device to open nasal airways so you can sleep with your mouth closed and stop snoring. You will also benefit from the increase in oxygen from nasal breathing with less respiratory effort. Easy, deep nasal breathing not only helps stop snoring; it also aids in improving sleep quality. Experience the energy of a restful, quiet night’s sleep.

“I just wanted to share how great your Nose Cones are for me. I’ve had trouble with snoring due to nasal obstruction and been struggling with CPAP for years. Now, I am completely off CPAP, and I feel great.”

Judith S., AR

Causes of Snoring

Max-Air Nose Cones clear soft materials for an easy fit.

Soft Max-Air Nose Cones simply slip in nasal passages.

Snoring may be nature’s way of informing you that you may need more nasal breathing space. According to scientific snore research, nasal obstruction predisposes both snoring and sleep apnea, and people with nasal obstruction are 5X more likely to snore or suffer with sleep apnea. So relieving nasal obstruction is an important part of stopping snoring.

The 6 reasons why nasal obstruction causes snoring.

Inflammatory nasal issues

  • Nasal congestion due to a head cold
  • Nasal allergies
  • Sinus congestion

Abnormal anatomical nasal issues

  • A deviated septum
  • Swollen turbinates
  • Nasal sidewall collapse

Other sources of blocked or restricted nasal breathing may be simply due to the nasal passage being pressed closed by your pillow when sleeping to one side or the other. Age and excess weight play a role in nasal obstruction, as well as does alcohol, which increases muscle relaxation allowing the mouth to drop open, and the nasal passages to close inward. And, occasionally, exhaustion causes snoring; if you are super tired, the muscles in the face relax and also cause the nasal airways to collapse.

How does nasal obstruction cause snoring?

Nasal obstruction re-routes breathing from the nose to the mouth, creating dependency on mouth breathing, especially during sleep. Mouth breathing at night dries out the mouth, tongue and throat, causing discomfort and airflow-friction noise which results in soft tissue vibration and the snoring noise.

Snoring noise is most commonly attributed to the sound created from mouth-breathing as the air flowing into the mouth passes across a dry tongue and throat.

“By the way, my wife is really amazed at how the Max-Air Nose Cones have pretty much eliminated my snoring. I have never been able to breathe well out of my nose, and when I put these in it is almost hard to go to sleep because I am breathing so freely. Cheers!”

Will F., NC

To stop the vibration of soft tissue and the snoring noise it creates, you could undergo surgery. But why undergo surgery, when the real solution to stopping the snoring noise is to sleep with your mouth closed by only breathing through your nose.

Through gentle pressure, Max-Air Nose Cones stent open the nasal airways and provide the nasal airflow necessary for full-volume nasal breathing, so that you do not need breathe through your mouth.

Breathing through the nose is not only quieter, it is the natural and healthy route for breathing.

Air inhaled through the nose is cleaned and warmed for safe, healthy entry to the lungs. In contrast, air inhaled by mouth breathing, not only dries the mouth and throat, it is also routed to the lungs just as it is inhaled; whether it be cold, hot, dusty or disease ridden. A reason that individuals with nasal problems may find that they are more prone to bronchial problems.

By stenting open the nasal airways to maximize airflow, Max-Air Nose Cones help insure adequate oxygen intake by natural nasal inspiration and help reduce dependency on oral breathing, helping to end dry scratchy throat and cotton-ball dry morning mouth, too!

Safeguard yourself from sleep disruptions, breathe through your nose and keep your mouth closed.

Finally, an easy treatment for snoring that doesn’t just stop the noise, it delivers high volume nasal breathing to help eliminate the cause of snoring; dry mouth-breathing at night.

Max-Air Nose Cones are recommended and used by doctors to maximize oxygen inflow through the nose, so that you can quiet the snore by sleeping with your mouth closed, peacefully, through the night.

To effectively treat snoring and sleep issues, it is necessary to first treat nasal airway breathing restrictions.

By opening the nasal airways and enabling you to breathe fully and deeply through your nose, you won’t breathe through your mouth. Mouth-breathing is a significant cause of snoring. By breathing through your nose, you can sleep with your mouth closed and eliminate the snoring .

Max-Air Nose Cones anti-snore aid is the most comfortable, easy to use and effective stop snoring device for deep, quiet, undisturbed sleep.**

Want a peaceful night’s rest in your own bed? Tired from snoring waking you or your bed partner up with loud snores? Fed up with switching beds or finding yourself having to sleep on the couch?

Why continue to be tired from snoring or being told that you snore? Looking for fast control and easy relief to stop snoring? Max-Air Nose Cones may be just the snore relief aid that you seek.

Max-Air Nose Cones are a SIMPLE, easy alternative in sleep gear to maximize breathing volume and reduce the breathing interruptions and sleep disturbances of noisy snoring.**

Now, YOU can TAKE Fast CONTROL of snoring troubles with ease and simplicity. Max-Air Nose Cones open the airways for full-volume breathing control and provide unparalleled comfort and ease in snore defense. So gear up, get back to sleep, and wake rested and refreshed.

“My husband has used nasal strips for years, still didn’t resolve snoring problems due to sinus compression. The Cones WORK!! I have ordered more for my husband and a set for my daughter.”

Susan B., TX

Clinically proven 2X more relief than nasal strips

Maybe you tried the nasal strips and didn’t get the results that you wanted, or you found that the adhesive caused skin irritation after a couple of nights.

You are thinking that there must be a more powerful but simple solution for “do-it-yourself” snore relief. Well, you’re right, there is; and that’s what we are all about.

Max-Air Nose Cones are simply the most advanced solution engineered for breathing ease and comfort for more powerful snore relief.

They are soft like a contact lens, reusable, and clinically shown to increase breathing volume through the nasal airways by over 100%, or 200% greater relief than the nasal strips!

Make a simple change in your sleep routine to restore peaceful sleep and recover vital daily energy. Look as well rested as you feel, take the stress out of snore relief, by wearing your Max-Air Nose Cones nightly.

“Wish I’d known of these Nose Cones to stop snoring 11 years ago! That is how long my husband and I have been together, and in that time I’ve never heard that man take a silent breath. After one particularly difficult night of him being congested, I did some Web research and ran across the Nose Cones; I could not get them delivered to our home fast enough.
My husband was reticent to use them at first; I think he had accepted his breathing trouble as his lousy lot in life.
After a few nights, he said, “these things are incredible!” The bags under his eyes are melting away, his eyes are brighter, and he has increased energy. I believe it’s because he is being oxygenated in a way he has not experienced in years. Bravo, Sanostec, job very well done!!”

Mary B., CA

Sleep in any position that you choose.

Some snore relief aids require you to sleep in the position of their choosing, not yours! With Max-Air Nose Cones you can control the snore without sacrificing your sleep comfort. Sleep in your most restful position; on your back, side or stomach, whichever way you choose. Max-Air Nose Cones’ soft framework keeps nasal airways open to maximize breathing volume to aid sleep and eliminate the need to change sleep positions to breathe.

“The Nose Cones work! I have stopped snoring. Purchasing them was very easy, and I received them within a few days.”

Linda S.

Tired of being nudged in the night to sleep on your side, or go sleep on the couch? Declare your independence, sleep peacefully how you choose. Simply turn off the lights, slip the Max-Air Nose Cones and wake up to a smile.

Incidence of snoring in the U.S.

If you snore, you are not alone! 40% of the U.S. population snore and 25% are habitual snoring, meaning every night. Many snore only when they have nasal congestion due to a cold, or when nasal allergies flare up. For others a deviated septum, or other angenesisal obstructions, snoring may have commenced when they were small children.

Now it is simple, comfortable and convenient to stop snoring with Max-Air Nose Cones. Rest easy knowing that loud breathing is a problem of the past and that effective relief is within reach, anytime, anywhere you need it.