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“I have been using the Sinus Cones for over a year now, and they have been a tremendous life changer. I had been suffering with chronic sinusitis since 1999. I was constantly at the doctors in need of antibiotics to treat the sinus infections and I was on pain medication too because the sinusitis pain was so great.

Since I have been using the Sinus Cones, I am free from sinus disease. I am off all of the medications, and I haven’t had a sinus infection or needed to go to the doctor in the year that I have been using the Sinus Cones. This is one sinusitis remedy worth trying.”

Michael B., NY

If you are seeking MORE POWERFUL, DRUG-FREE SINUS decongestant relief, physician-recommended Sinus Cones may be just what you need.

It’s easy to remedy sinusitis and clear sinus congestion fast, safely and naturally so that you can sleep better, feel more rested, and heal safer without using more medication.**

How Increasing Nasal Airflow Relieves Sinus Congestion and Remedies Chronic Sinusitis Naturally for Better Sleep and Easier Breathing.**

A sinus infection or recurring sinus infections (known as chronic sinusitis) make you feel miserable. And to add to the misery, the painful pressure in your sinuses combined with the feeling of stuffiness from nasal congestion makes it difficult sleep. After couple of nights of sleeplessness and facial sinus discomfort, you may be tempted to over do medications in search of relief.

The remedy for sinusitis and sinus congestion discomfort is not more medications or nasal sprays. The remedy for chronic sinusitis is to maximize nasal airflow. Full volume nasal airflow is the natural method to speed clearing airflow through nasal airways and aid sinuses in draining correctly.

The flow of air through the nasal passages, literally causes nasal congestion to be moved (blown) quickly through the nasal airways so that it does not build up and cause the sinuses to block, swell and infect.

Sinus Cones help correct impaired breathing due to sinus nasal congestion by gently and comfortably stenting-open the nasal airway to maximize nasal airflow.

Sinus Cones slip easily into narrowed airways.

Sinus Cones decongest sinuses at the source of the problem, inside the nasal passageways.

Sinus Cones are specifically designed to comfortably and reliably open the airways faster than medications, thereby maximizing airflow and its healing powers, immediately.

No need to wait to inhale. Start relieving sinusitis (chronic sinus infections), acute sinus infections, or just that bothersome nightly sinus congestion better, naturally.

Because the Sinus Cones are a soft device (like a contact lens), they keep working all night long, any night you choose, so that you may breathe in more easily and sleep more deeply. And, Sinus Cones’ relief doesn’t stop working after a few hours, unlike medication!

“Just wanted to let you know that I got the Sinus Cones yesterday and they are AMAZING. I’m pregnant and my sinus problems (which I’ve had my whole life) have been making me extra miserable for the last 4 months. Although my doctor said that some medications (decongestants, steroid sprays) are safe to use, I feel really guilty taking anything so I’ve just been suffering through the entire pregnancy, using only saline spray (which, I’m convinced, does nothing if you’re seriously congested).

Anyway, last night was the first night I’ve been able to sleep in months!! I’m so glad someone invented this device. I just bought another pair for my mother who also has really bad sinus problems. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how great they are. Thanks again!!”

Brenda W., NY

Sinus Cones start to work immediately to remedy sinusitis and sinus infections fast. Feel improved breathing volume as soon as you place them in your nose. They’re 100% drug-free, maximum-strength and amazingly effective.

Powerful Remedy for Sinus Infections and Sinusitis That is Safe for Use With Antibiotics.**

Sinus Cones are drug-free and all natural (we like to think of it as going “GREEN” with your sinus relief) so they are safe to use with antibiotics with no risk of side effects. Sinus Cones are also helpful if you have hypertension and shouldn’t use decongestants due to their risk of elevating blood pressure.

TIP: Use Sinus Cones at the first hint of sinus congestion to prevent congestion build up and sinus infection recurrence, or avoid complications from a cold.

“Every year for the past 14 years I would get a sinus infection in August when allergy season begins. For the past two years, since I started using the Sinus Cones, no sinus infection. Thank you!”

Mark A., IL

Breathing deeply and clearly the nasal airways is critical to maintain healthy sinus drainage and prevent recurrent sinus infections.

Nasal airflow is what keeps sinuses clear and healthy. When nasal congestion from a cold or nasal allergies obstruct the nasal airways and reduce nasal airflow, the sinus cavities cannot drain and clear themselves properly and a sinus infection typically results.

Common Symptoms of Sinusitis and Sinus Infections:

Any inflammation or swelling of the cavities creates these common symptoms of sinusitis:

  • Sinus pressure around the eyes
  • Headache and pressure in the cheeks
  • Nasal congestion and thick, yellowish discharge
  • Nasal swelling and stuffiness
  • Discomfort in the upper teeth (maxilla) or gums

As shown in this picture, the pairs of sinus cavities surround the nose and eyes.

Symptoms of sinus infections include sinus pressure and sinus swelling.

Illustration of location of sinuses and sinus swelling.

  • Frontal sinuses (F) are located above the eyes, and are the sinuses most commonly responsible for sinus headaches
  • Ethmoid sinuses (E) are located just below toward the inside corner of the eye
  • Maxillary sinuses (M) are located adjacent to nose in the cheek area, and are most prone to infection
  • Sphenoid sinuses, are not shown in this illustration, and are located posterior to the nasal airway, superior to the nasopharynx

Healthy sinuses are shown to the left, and inflamed, blocked and swollen sinuses to the right.

What is #1 Cause of Sinusitis and Recurring Sinus Infections?

The answer may surprise you as well as help you prevent future sinus infections.

The most common cause of sinusitis, recurring sinus infections, is lingering nasal congestion that doesn’t clear fast enough from the nasal airway to keep the sinuses draining and healthy.

Whether congestion is due to the common cold, nasal allergies or nasal obstruction such as a deviated septum the outcome is the same.
When nasal mucosa lining in the nasal airways becomes over-burdened by germs, allergens or a virus, nasal airflow is impeded. Once nasal airflow is impeded or restricted the result is swelling and the build up of nasal congestion. As nasal and sinus congestion increases, the nasal mucosa loses its viscosity (ability to flow) and congests even move. As the nasal mucosa congests, the ostia (the small sinus openings that ventilate the sinuses and allow them to drain) become blocked. When the ostia become blocked by nasal congestion, normal sinus ventilation and sinus drainage is not possible.

As soon as the sinuses stop draining, they swell triggering the development of a sinus infection and causing sinus pressure.

Since the most common cause of a sinus infection is nasal congestion that lingers too long in the nasal airways, opening up nasal airflow immediately will clear the sinus or nasal congestion and remedy and prevent sinus infections.

Image of Sinus Cones inserted in one nostril

Instant safe sinusitis remedy

Sinus Cones speed the healing airflow to stuffy, congested, blocked sinuses 10 DAYS FASTER THAN ORAL DECONGESTANTS.Annals of Allergy Asthma and Immunology 2,National Institutes of Health3

So, when you want sinus congestion relief fast and long-lasting (but not cause side effects, disturb your sleep or make you groggy in the morning) try Sinus Cones.

By comfortably creating a “clear-tunnel” breathing pathway, Sinus Cones maximize airflow to help sinuses clear and drain fast. Feel the difference inhaling ease instantly, while the healing airflow ventilates and clears congested sinuses, naturally.

Simple, reliable, all natural and fast-acting 24-hour decongestant relief for sinusitis, sinus congestion or chronic sinus problems.

slightly firmer sinus cones

Sinus Cones are soft, yet resilient enough to tackle the toughest congestion.

Because Sinus Cones work from the inside they are more powerful than other relief aids, and best of all the relief does not wear off, especially while sleeping.

Soft, yet firm enough to comfortably stent open airways, Sinus Cones are simple to insert, safe, physician recommended and 100% natural.

WHY DELAY SINUS RELIEF? Remedy sinusitis while you breathe in more easily, fall asleep faster, sleep more peacefully and feel MUCH IMPROVED by morning. Guaranteed! Or your money back. More Customer Reviews…

It is easy to see that anytime sinuses are swollen or blocked, pressure and discomfort builds around the eyes and nose. Sinus congestion can sometimes be “dry”. In other words, there is no nasal discharge just a feeling of stuffiness and congestion in nasal airways and maxillary sinuses.

Sinus congestion can be a symptom of the sinuses starting to block and swell; a common occurrence before sinuses swell and become a full blown sinus infection.

By using Sinus Cones at the first hint of this stuffiness, nasal passages are opened so that nasal airflow is normalized and healthy sinus ventilation is maintained.

In many sinus sufferers, especially those with repeated infection, there may be one of more preexisting conditions that contribute to the problem – a deviated septum, nasal polyps, or allergies. All of these cause narrowing of the nasal passages, and blockage of the sinus openings, which increase the chances of a viral cold progressing to a sinus infection.

Flying and Sinus Problems

Some people get severe sinus attacks following airplane flights because of underlying problems with nasal drainage. When you fly, you experience changes in air pressure. Pressure changes can cause swelling of the sinus membranes and lead to inflammation and, at times, to infection. If you have a cold, these problems become worse. If you are restricted from using decongestants or sprays, Sinus Cones relieve the stuffiness by opening the nasal passages, so that airflow is unhindered, preventing sinus flare-ups. Why not try Sinus Cones?

Thanks to Deborah F. Rosin, M.D. for permission to use content from The Sinus Sourcebook. Los Angeles: Lowell House 1998.

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