Relieve Dry Mouth & Mouth-Breathing at Night While Sleeping

Don’t let mouth-breathing and the discomfort of a dry mouth disturb your sleep. Relieve dry-mouth during sleep. Breathe more through your nose.**

“My dentist told me that my gums looked good and asked me what I was doing differently…I have been using the Cones since my last checkup.”

Josie M., MA

“My brother turned me on to this product. My problem was dry mouth, which was waking me every night. This is an absolute godsend for me.”

Eddie B. FL

“I have been using your product for over a year, and have been very satisfied with the result. I have, in the past, had trouble with my breathing during sleep resulting in awakening in a fog, where it sometimes takes up to an hour for me to think clearly. I have also been diagnosed by a sleep clinic with a minor sleep apnea and was placed on a CPAP to sleep.

However, since being introduced to your Sinus Cone product over a year ago, I stopped the use of the CPAP and the nose strip. The Sinus Cones have not caused any irritations within my nasal passages. The freedom, fit, and comfort well surpass that of the CPAP.”

Ron G., AZ


If a dry mouth and killer thirst are waking you during the night and causing sleep-loss and day time fatigue, then Max-Air Nose Cones or Sinus Cones may be the answer that you seek.

Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones, nasal breathing aids, are SIMPLE and pain-free. They maximize nasal breathing so that you may breathe fully with your nose and sleep peacefully with your mouth closed all through the night.

Nighttime mouth-breathing is common, even if you have no symptoms of nasal obstruction or nasal airway problems during the day.

We refer to this phenomenon as “recumbency-induced nasal airway obstruction“.

Basically, this means that during sleep several common physiological changes take place that cause the nose to block shut or the sidewalls of the nose to collapse, forcing mouth breathing dependency.

The Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones combat these symptoms, by gently stenting open nasal airflow, so that you may inhale deeply and fully through your nose and not need to breathe through your mouth.

Sinus Cones slip easily into narrowed airways.

Simply slip in the Cones to relieve blocked, stuffy or collapsed noses.

Maximize nasal breathing to relieve dry-mouth and mouth-breathing at night while sleeping.**

Anytime airflow is restricted through the nose, breathing is re-routed to the mouth, and oral or mouth-breathing results. When mouth-breathing occurs during sleep, long periods of time can lapse when the mouth is open, which causes unnaturally dry conditions for the mouth, tongue and gums.

When the mouth, tongue or gums dry out, it becomes difficult to swallow, which triggers the need to wake up for a drink of water to hydrate the mouth or throat. This constant thirst-and-waking pattern makes it difficult to sleep peacefully through the night.

When you relieve dry-mouth and mouth-breathing at night while sleeping, you’ll also feel more rested by morning!**

Max-Air Nose Cones are better for milder snoring, deviated septum, or just nighttime airway issues.

Max-Air Nose Cones are super soft for all night breathing relief.

Max-Air Nose Cones are super-soft for comfortable fit, yet durable for lasting relief.

Sleep peacefully, nasal breathing without a dry mouth.

Sleep peacefully without a dry mouth.

Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones help reduce nighttime mouth-breathing, by maximizing nasal airway continuance. Difficulty breathing an adequate supply of oxygen through your nose to keep your mouth closed for restful sleep, the Cones, through gentle pressure, sent open the nasal passageways to allow full volume nasal breathing.

In most instances this eliminates the need to breathe through the mouth, thereby alleviating the dry mouth symptoms of mouth breathing during sleep, and may also help reduce the risk of morning grumpiness.

Alleviate Nighttime Mouth-Breathing and Overnight Dry Mouth for Healthy Oral Care.

Nighttime dry mouth is the perfect environment for oral bacteria to flourish, so not only is your sleep health at risk, so is your oral health.

Bad morning-breath is the odor of bacteria. Dry mouth from mouth-breathing during the night can be one of the major promoters of bacteria. Bacteria left unattended in the gums leads to the buildup of gingivitis and plaque, which is a leading cause of gum disease.

Since Max-Air Nose Cones and Sinus Cones maximize breathing volume through the nose, they help eliminate the necessity to mouth-breathe, and thereby may relieve oral problems caused by dry mouth at night.

Recent research has also established that there is a link between the plaque of gum disease and the plaque of heart disease.

When poor nasal airway continuance causes mouth breathing dependency for 6 or more hours at night, every night, the mouth and gums dry out so that the natural bacteria fighting power of saliva can’t perform. Dry mouth not only puts your sleep health at risk, it also can worsen gum disease (red, swollen and bleeding gums) challenge good oral hygiene, and potentially your heart health.

Regular dental cleanings and checkups, a twice-daily regime of brushing and flossing, and rinsing with antibacterial mouthwashes can help fight gum disease plaque. And finally, there is another health tool that helps promote healthy oral care that is so easy to use that you can do it while you sleep.

WHY POSTPONE PEACEFUL SLEEP? Stop depending on your dry-mouth to do all the breathing, PUT YOUR NOSE CONES TO WORK, for a better, healthier and more restful night’s sleep.