Customer Reviews Max-Air Nose Cones vs Nasal Strips

Here’s an email that we received from a customer comparing our Max-Air Nose Cones to the nasal strips.

I just wanted to pass along a note I wrote to the NY Times today as a comment to their article on snoring.

I totally disagree with nasal strips, as a cheap & easy solution – they don’t stay on all night, and they irritate your skin, so you can’t wear them often anyway! It took 2 nasal/sinus surgeries to find out about NOSE CONES – Dr. recommended. The best ones I’ve found are Max-Air Nose Cones by Sanostec – soft & clear, in 3 different sizes. Plus, they don’t look as silly as nasal strips.

My issue was that I was a “mouth breather” due to a deviated septum & a pinched nose. My surgeries helped me breathe better, but not well enough to sleep at high altitude, nor breathe deeply when exercising. I still had to breathe through my mouth. Discovering Nose Cones changed my life, and I don’t know why they are not more well-known?

Abbe E., MI

How often can a company brag about how well-spoken their customers are? We’re one of the fortunate ones. We have great customers! Thanks Abbe!