How do Sinus Cones perform compared to adhesive nasal strips and oral decongestants?

Independent published research shows that Sinus Cones outperform nasal strips among nasal allergy sufferers by a whopping 60%, and provide more relief, days faster than oral decongestants.

Research shows that the Sinus Cones, increase nasal airflow among nasal allergy sufferers up to 40%, or 60% greater than similar measures with nasal strips. (*see references).

Sinus Cones’ better results were achieved instantly.

Oral decongestants require up to 10 days of maximum dosage to achieve the breathing relief results that Sinus Cones achieves instantly.

If you are searching for a fast, powerful, drug-free and adhesive free choice in nasal congestion relief to maximize breathing relief immediately, Sinus Cones may be right for you.

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