A surprisingly simple, effective sinusitis remedy

If you are struggling to remedy CHRONIC SINUSITIS, recurring sinus infections, with nasal irrigation or medications (nasal sprays, oral decongestants) to no avail, you may want to CONSIDER “going organic” with device therapy, the 100% natural, home remedy. Try SINUS CONES, “sinus wear for performance care”.

“My kids use the Cones when they have a cold. It clears their nasal congestion and cold symptoms fast. Thanks”

Sandy S., MA

Maximizing nasal airflow can be the  KEY to SINUS DRAINAGE AND HEALTH. Nasal airflow is what clears nasal congestion and maintains the “nasal mucosal transport layer”, which is responsible for, literally, moving the congestion out of the nose to keep the sinuses clean and clear of disease.

Revolutionary ideas help us advance. Why not give our Sinus Cones a try, and upgrade your relief to freedom from sinus disease.

Movement of the mucosal transport layer is created by breathing fully through the nose. The airflow created by nasal breathing moves nasal congestion, dust, germs, and other airborne particles out of the nasal airway into the nasal pharynx, and then swallowed.

SINUS CONES NORMALIZE AIRFLOW and maintain good sinus hygiene, especially to help keep nasal mucosal “flowing” out! when used for a cold or lingering nasal congestion.