Neti-pot rinsing – How to maximize nasal-sinus infection relief

Did you know when using a Neti-pot not to use tap water?

When using a Neti-Pot, do not use tap water and do not use iodized salt! Neti-pot kits generally come with their own saline-type sinus rinse solution, or you can use distilled water, sterile water, or lukewarm water which has previously been boiled, and non-iodized salt.

Biological explanation for how the Neti-pot works:

Tiny, hair-like structures called “cilia” line the inside of the nasal passages to “filter” dust, allergens and airborne particulate matter and “trap” it in the nasal mucous to be removed from the nasal airways.

The cilia literally wave back and forth to push the mucous either to the back of the throat where it can be swallowed or to the nose to be blown out. When the cilia and mucous becomes over-burdened with nasal allergens this waving process bogs down and nasal congestion build-up is the result.

The Neti-Pot nasal saline solution “rinses” the cilia, which can help increase the speed and improve the cilia “waving-action” so that it may more effectively remove the allergens and other irritants from the nasal mucosa. This also helps prevent nasal congestion from building up and blocking the “ostia”, sinus openings, the cause of sinus congestion.

The top 5 reasons for nasal irrigation using a Neti-pot:

1. Moisturize the dry nasal lining with its nasal irrigation, add glycerin in the nasal rinse solution.
2. Relieve sinus pressure, sinus infections and nasal allergy congestion without the use of medications.
3. Thin and flush sinus-nasal congestion mucous from nasal airways.
4. Remove allergens from the “cilia”, nasal hairs.
5. Rinse germs and environmental particulate matter from nasal passages, just as you would rinse off your face.

How-to maximize Neti-Pot sinus-nasal rinsing benefits with nasal obstruction.

If you have anatomical nasal obstruction, so that airways have restricted airflow, rinsing may not be enough to keep sinus-nasal congestion at bay. Once you have “rinsed” your cilia and they are able to begin “waving good-bye to the allergens”, maximize the Neti-pot sinus rinse benefits by wearing the Sinus Cones after rinsing. The Sinus Cones aid the “waving-action” of the cilia by maximizing airflow through the nasal airways. This airflow literally enables the cilia to maintain its “waving” movement (like marsh grasses in the wind), and continues to clear any lingering, stubborn nasal sinus congestion.

Sinus Cones’ efficacy is proven through independent clinical research that has been published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. By gently stenting-open nasal passageways, Sinus Cones increase nasal airflow in patients with allergic rhinitis by 25%, an amount equivalent to maximum dosing with oral decongestant, except that the Sinus Cones provide relief 10 days faster and without medications.

Maintain your natural and healthy clearing and cleansing action of the cilia through sinus rinsing and using Sinus Cones. Call if you need help determining size. 1-800-797-0361