Need breathing relief after removal of nasal basal cell carcinoma, Mohs surgery?

There is a simple non-surgical solution that is comfortable and easy to use for long-term reliable nasal breathing relief.

How can you improve nasal breathing after Mohs surgery, nasal basal cell carcinoma removal?

Hear what a Sinus Cones customer who underwent Mohs surgery, nasal basal cell carcinoma removal, said about the success of using Sinus Cones to relieve his post-operative nasal collapse:

“My name is Dan. I live in North Carolina. I recently had Mohs’ surgery on the left side of my nose to remove a basal cell carcinoma. The tumor was so deep the surgeon had to remove the entire nasal wall to get a clear margin. The next day, I found myself having plastic surgery to repair the hole. As a result of the repair, my left nostril is partially collapsed and does not allow good air flow. An ENT surgeon recommended Sinus Cones and gave me a sample to try.

I found instant relief and I am able to sleep very nicely all night with one Sinus Cone inserted in my left nostril. Other things we tried to dilate the nostril did not work and would not stay in place. Your unique design, keeps the cone in place all night. The soft, flexible material is painless and you can’t even tell it is in place after a few seconds. Thank you for inventing this wonderful product.”

Dan, thanks for writing — and glad to learn that Sinus Cones relieved the nasal collapse that resulted from your Mohs surgery!

What is basal cell carcinoma of the nose?

Basal cell carcinoma of the nose is skin cancer that is due to overexposure to the sun. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation skin cancer is very common, with reports of over 4 million cases of skin cancer annually. 

Cancer of the nose is the most common cancer of the face because the nose is more directly exposed to the sun since it protrudes off of the face. Every time you put on your sun-glasses to protect your eyes from the burning sun, remember that the skin on your nose is out there fending for itself against those damaging rays! The simple habit of putting sunscreen on your nose when you put on your sun-glasses can eliminate this challenging problem.

Sudden appearance of spots on your skin, especially your nose should be considered suspicious and evaluated by a dermatologist (a skin doctor). 

Nasal alar collapse is a common outcome of the surgery, which is irreparable since it is so damaged from the radical surgery. If you have nasal alar collapse due to basal cell carcinoma, try out some Sinus Cones.