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Nasal strips and horse noses versus nasal strips and human noses?

Conventional thinking might postulate that what works for a race horse might work for the human race. How so we wondered?

If horses can only nasal breathe, it seems reasonable that a device that increases its nasal function could also improve its performance.

Horses are more limited than humans, in that they cannot use their mouth as a supplemental breathing route. California Chrome nasal strip controversyHence the particular physiology of the horse’s nose is key to their nasal and respiratory capacity. Horses and humans share some common characteristics; both have two nostrils (nares) and an outer rim of cartilage at the largest end of the nostril (alar cartilage), which helps maintain an open nostril.

Nasal breathing optimizes performance due to less respiratory effort and greater oxygen consumption efficiency in humans, however, since horses can only nasal breathe, could the use of a nasal strip help a horse compensate for less successful nasal physiology?

Since horses are unable to mouth breathe to offset shortcomings in their nasal anatomy and nasal patency, what proof is there, if any, that the nasal strip is offsetting a shortcoming in California Chrome’s nasal physiology?

Should the nasal strip be permitted by the New York Gaming Commission?

What are your thoughts?

According to an article published in the Los Angeles Times, May 20, 2010 by Shari Roan, ‘There is a lack of scientific data to show that minimally invasive sinus surgery is a better option than traditional drug-free choices such as nasal saline irrigation, or conventional medication therapies such as antibiotics or intranasal steroids.’


‘Chronic sinusitis is a condition wherein the patient suffers recurring sinus infections, including sinus and nasal congestion, runny nose, headache, and facial pressure lasting three months or more. It is a leading cause of doctor’s office visits in the United States.’


According to the authors, “Endoscopic sinus surgery has been a revolutionary technology, (minimally invasive sinus surgery, in which small instruments and a lighted tube are inserted through the nose to remove abnormal tissue or obstructions, was introduced in the United States in 1985) and has the potential to improve rhinosinusitis with markedly less morbidity relative to open approaches.” But, they add, “without long-term studies comparing surgery with medical treatments “the appropriate rate of endoscopic sinus surgery remains unknown.”
The study was released in the Archives of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery.

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product. I have developed a horrible snoring problem that has disturbed my and my husband’s sleep for the past year. We live in the country and my husband has accused me of scaring all the “wildlife” away with my snoring and doesn’t even worry about locking the doors at night because he feels if a “burglar” were to walk inside our house my snoring would scare them off as they would assume a “lumberjack” lived there!!! He thinks he’s very funny but I have not appreciated the jokes as I consider myself a “lady”!!!


I feel like I get a much better night’s sleep and my husband absolutely sleeps better as well! Thank you for a wonderful product!!! – Sandy W. CA Jan. 4, 2011

Thanks Sandy! Glad that we stopped your snoring and are helping you both sleep well.

Here is an email we got from a Max-Air Nose Cones customer this week:
” My name is Dan. I live in Waynesville, NC. I recently had Mohs’ surgery on
the left side of my nose to remove a basal cell carcinoma. The tumor was so
deep the surgeon had to remove the entire nasal wall to get a clear margin.
The next day, I found myself having plastic surgery to repair the hole. As a
result of the repair, my left nostril is partially collapsed and does not
allow good air flow. An ENT doctor recommended sinus cones and gave me a
sample to try. I found instant relief and I am able to sleep very nicely all
night with one sinus cone inserted in my left nostril. Other things we tried
to dilate the nostril did not work and would not stay in place. Your unique
design, keeps the cone in place all night. The soft, flexible material is
painless and you can’t even tell it is in place after a few seconds. Thank
you for inventing this wonderful product.”
Dan, thanks for writing — and glad we could help!


Basal cell carcinoma of the nose is due to overexposure to the sun (so be sure to use your sunblock!). Nasal alar collapse is a common outcome of the surgery, which is irreparable since it is so damaged from the radical surgery. If you have nasal alar collapse due to basal cell carcinoma, try out some Max-Air Nose Cones.


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Did you know…?

When using a Neti-Pot, do not use tap water and do not use iodized salt! Neti-pot kits generally come with their own saline-type sinus rinse solution, or you can use distilled water, sterile water, or lukewarm water which has previously been boiled, and non-iodized salt.

Biological explanation for how the Neti-pot works:

Tiny, hair-like structures called “cilia” line the inside of the nasal passages to “filter” dust, allergens and airborne particulate matter and “trap” it in the nasal mucous to be removed from the nasal airways.

The cilia literally wave back and forth to push the mucous either to the back of the throat where it can be swallowed or to the nose to be blown out. When the cilia and mucous becomes over-burdened with nasal allergens this waving process bogs down and nasal congestion build-up is the result.

The Neti-Pot nasal saline solution “rinses” the cilia, which can help increase the speed and improve the cilia “waving-action” so that it may more effectively remove the allergens and other irritants from the nasal mucosa. This also helps prevent nasal congestion from building up and blocking the “ostia”, sinus openings, the cause of sinus congestion.

The top 5 reasons for nasal irrigation using a Neti-pot:

1. Moisturize the dry nasal lining with its nasal irrigation, add glycerin in the nasal rinse solution.
2. Relieve sinus pressure, sinus infections and nasal allergy congestion without the use of medications.
3. Thin and flush sinus-nasal congestion mucous from nasal airways.
4. Remove allergens from the “cilia”, nasal hairs.
5. Rinse germs and environmental particulate matter from nasal passages, just as you would rinse off your face.

How-to maximize Neti-Pot sinus-nasal rinsing benefits with nasal obstruction.

If you have anatomical nasal obstruction, so that airways have restricted airflow, rinsing may not be enough to keep sinus-nasal congestion at bay. Once you have “rinsed” your cilia and they are able to begin “waving good-bye to the allergens”, maximize the Neti-pot sinus rinse benefits by wearing the Sinus Cones after rinsing. The Sinus Cones aid the “waving-action” of the cilia by maximizing airflow through the nasal airways. This airflow literally enables the cilia to maintain its “waving” movement (like marsh grasses in the wind), and continues to clear any lingering, stubborn nasal sinus congestion.

Sinus Cones’ efficacy is proven through independent clinical research that has been published in the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. By gently stenting-open nasal passageways, Sinus Cones increase nasal airflow in patients with allergic rhinitis by 25%, an amount equivalent to maximum dosing with oral decongestant, except that the Sinus Cones provide relief 10 days faster and without medications.

Maintain your natural and healthy clearing and cleansing action of the cilia through sinus rinsing and using Sinus Cones. Call if you need help determining size. 1-800-797-0361

Sinus Cones and Max-Air Nose Cones are available at these fine retailers; or by ordering via this webstore or by phoning us, toll-free, at 1-800-797-0361.



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To keep sinus cavities healthy, they must be constantly ventilated with free moving air. If air is restricted — no breathing airflow — mucus stagnates and the sinuses can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and viruses, and as a consequence sinus pressure to beat the band.

The question is: How can we keep air flowing and make ourselves feel better when we have sinus pressure, and how can we prevent sinuses from swelling? Here are a few suggestions:


Think of this like washing your face, except with nasal rinsing once daily is more than adequate.

This a time honored and proven technique for nasal pressure relief and works by flushing out your nasal passages to relieve the daily buildup of allergens, irritants and air pollutants particulates. While funky and a little difficult to get used to, if used in conjunction with Sinus Cones it will make your nasal airways feel clean and clear and greatly increase the health of your sinus cavities.


Aka unplug your ears using pressure. Dr. M. Lee Williams describes the maneuver in his book ‘The Sinusitis Help Book’. All you do is pinch your nose, swallow, and then blow into the nose without letting go. You should feel your ears pop. Don’t blow forcefully, gentle pressure is fine.


Acupressure points to relieve sinus pressure

on your body can swiftly ease facial pain, says Susan Padberg, M.D., a medical acupuncturist in Madison, Wisconsin. Firmly and gently press your index fingers above the center of each eyebrow or between them. Massage for 10 to 15 seconds and repeat as needed. This technique when used in tandem with Sinus Cones can be helpful.


By opening up the nasal passages, these little breathing aids maximize nasal airflow to help heal, clear and drain sinuses better naturally.

how to insert sinus cones to relieve sinus pressure



Steam can help moisturize and loosen nasal mucous and nasal congestion. Make your steam-therapy work even better, wear Sinus Cones in the shower and squeeze a couple of drops of lavender or peppermint oil in the water, tip your head down and exhale through your nose. You’ll clear out your nasal passages and be surprised how much better you feel and how much more easily you’ll be able to breathe!

While it’s unpleasant to talk about, sometimes our sinuses just aren’t big enough to drain all the mucus we produce, especially at night; by wearing Sinus Cones during sleep, nasal airflow is increased to help keep sinuses clear and draining as nature intended.


That’s why products like Sinus Cones are so helpful. They help relieve sinus pressure by opening your nasal passages to maximize nasal airflow, AND if used at the first sign of congestion can help prevent sinus pressure by helping maintain airflow in your nose!

Follow these 5 simple steps to relieve sinus pressure and feel better faster naturally. Give sinus pressure the kick!

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There’s never a convenient time to get a head cold, but it always seems to come at the worst time, doesn’t it? Like when you have a big presentation coming up at work, and you manage to catch your kindergarteners’ cold, the one that comes on fast, is really messy and lasts and lasts.


First you feel a little nasal congestion, and then, before you know it, you have a miserably stuffy nose and are so congested that you can’t breathe, nor, as a consequence sleep.


You need nasal congestion relief, and you need it to work fast, so that you can get some sleep (and be rested for that presentation). So what can you do to help speed your recovery and make the suffering go away fast?


If you are like some people, you probably turn by default to oral decongestants or nighttime cold medicines for nasal symptom congestion relief. But did you know that oral nasal decongestants take up to 10 days to take full effect (and that’s at maximum dosage)? Who has that kind of time to wait for relief?


In addition, nighttime cold meds contain alcohol, which makes you feel drowsy, but alcohol has been shown to reduce REM sleep (the deepest and most restful stage of sleep), so you may not get the rest that you need to feel better or get better. Not optimum for peak performance.


What you may not be aware of is there is a non-drug solution that has been shown to work immediately to relieve nasal congestion that is 100% natural to leave you feeling and looking well-rested by morning.

1 – Load up on vitamin C.

It’s a natural antihistamine, which will help reduce the “histamine”, nasal congestion, response to your cold virus.

2 – Drink lots of vitamin-enriched or antioxidant-infused water, hot herbal tea, and/or, orange juice

Why not give your body a fighting chance? Stay clear of sugar, caffeinated, artificially sweetened, or stimulant rich drinks. Your body craves care when you’re sick, baby yourself keep your drinks healthy.

3 – Order up a hot bowl of chicken soup

There are some special enzymes in chicken soup that help fight off viruses, plus its very soothing, which will make you feel better and sleepy.

4 – Wear two Sinus Cones.

They increase nasal airflow by 110%, which will help clear nasal congestion faster and aid the antihistamine effects of the vitamin C. Plus, Sinus Cones are clinically shown to provide as much breathing relief 10 days faster than oral decongestants! By relieving congestion from the inside (at the source of the problem), Sinus Cones gently open nasal airflow immediately so that you may breathe in deeply and freely all night.

5 – Put in some extra bedtime.

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to help your body fight off a virus or flu. And, because Sinus Cones help you breathe well, you can get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.


Used together these are killer apps for fast natural relief of head colds, so that you’ll be better by morning.


Instead of waking sick and exhausted, take vitamin C, drink up, wear two Sinus Cones, and get to sleep so you can feel and look like new by morning.


No waiting! Feel better faster, naturally, with Sinus Cones.


Clinical references:
Barnes ML, Lipworth BJ. Removing nasal valve obstruction in peak nasal inspiratory flow measurement. Ann Allergy, Asthma, Immuno 2007;99(7):59-60
Mucha SM, deTineo M, Naclerio RM, Baroody FM. Comparison of Montelukast and Pseudoephedrine in the Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2006;132:164-172

Here is a 7-point check-list of nasal congestion symptoms versus sinus infection symptoms to help identify and remedy your nasal ailment. Lots of nasal congestion ailments have similar symptoms, leading to similar states of misery, which is the case with nasal allergies and sinus infections. To treat correctly, you need to know what you’re dealing with, and arm yourself with the proper information and remedies.

Nasal allergy congestion is an inflammatory reaction of the nasal mucosa to an environmental irritant or “allergen”. Whereas, a sinus infection (sinusitis) is an inflammatory reaction to an infection in one or more of your sinus cavities, usually due to the little openings in the sinuses, the “ostia” being blocked due to overuse of decongestants.

Symptoms of both conditions can make you feel “stuffed up” and miserable; and, nasal allergy congestion may lead to a sinus infection. So how to tell the difference between nasal allergy symptoms and a sinus infection:

1. Sinus infections can occur at any time in any season, however, the most common cause of a sinus infection is due to nasal congestion not clearing fast enough, causing the sinuses to block, swell and then infect. Whereas seasonal nasal allergies come on and end with the particular season of allergens.

2. Nasal allergies can be very short lived and depend on the duration of time the nasal mucosa is exposed to the allergens, whereas a sinus infection can last at least 14 days and sometimes up to 7 weeks or until the infection has been treated and cleared.

3. A stuffy nose and runny eyes are common symptoms to both ailments, but a sinus infection often includes pressure in, or tenderness around, the sinus cavities, a fever, sore throat, or muscle aches.

4. Sinus infections often feel like tooth pain, even severe tooth pain, because the roots of the upper teeth are so close to the inflammation of the maxillary sinuses.

5. And, though not pleasant to discuss, there’s a difference in mucus. In nasal allergies, mucus is runny and clear in color, whereas with a sinus infection, nasal discharge is thick and discolored, and often has an unpleasant odor.

6. Nasal allergy congestion can often be relieved with nasal saline rinses (which literally “wash” the mucosal layer of the nose to clean the allergens out of the nose), and/or over-the-counter remedies, whereas sinus infections commonly require prescribed medications

7. Nasal allergy symptoms can be relieved temporarily with antihistamines and decongestants, which dry out the nasal mucosa and mask or limit the natural inflammatory response to the nasal allergen, but sinus infections more commonly require treatment with a combination of decongestants and prescription antibiotic medication

Though seasonal allergies can’t be avoided, their symptoms can be lessened with proper treatment. Sinus infections can often be avoided by rinsing nasal airways frequently to keep the nasal airways clean, and by using a nasal dilator to optimize nasal airflow, which is key to sinus health. Sinus Cones are an example of a nasal dilator that provide a natural, drug-free preventative solution that can work along with other remedies or by themselves to heal sinus infections by opening nasal airflow to keep sinuses clear and healthy.

I used to wake up at 4 a.m. and start sneezing, sometimes for five hours. I tried to find out what sort of allergy I had but finally came to the conclusion that it must be an allergy to consciousness.” James Thurber, American author and humorist

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